#BlackLivesMatter: 10 African-American Inventions that changed the world!

#BlackLivesMatter: 10 African-American Inventions that changed the world!

If you take away African American inventions, see how much you are left with. A lot of “essentials” or things we use in our daily lives were actually created by various African-American people. Here’s about 10 things that are used across the world still today!

1) The stove invented by T.A. Carrington in 1876.


2) The electric lamp bulb invented by Lewis Latimer, while Thomas Edison gets a lot of credit. Latimer actually created the lightbulb that was affordable to have in homes and last longer.


3) The refrigerator invented by John Standard. He actually created the model we know today by implementing it should have an ice box for chilling.


4) Gas Masks &  the traffic light invented by Garrett Morgan. Morgan wasn’t pleased with how much firefighters were being killed from inhaling smoke on the job which led to his creation which was a hood that went over the head, featured tubes connected to wet sponges that filtered out smoke and provided fresh oxygen. He also wanted to reduce traffic collisions and created a model of the traffic light.


5)Blood Banks invented by Dr.Charles Drew. He found a way to preserve blood and separate blood cells from plasma. This resulted in more lives being saved from getting blood transfusions.


6) Protective Mailboxes invented by Phillip B. Downing. This invention was to stop people from stealing others mail they used to see right through the mailbox.


7) The potato chip invented by George Crum. He didn’t intentionally mean to create this tasty snack. While working in a restaurant he thinly sliced a potato for a customer who fell in love with the taste. From there on was history! Crum didn’t patent the idea of bagging the chip for profit, but he is the man who introduce this worldwide snack.


8)Peanut Butter invented by George Washington Carver. He is known as the father of peanuts and discovered over 300 ways you can make use of peanuts including peanut butter!


9)Thermostat and temperature control systems invented by Frederick McKinley. He patented the idea to be able to control room temperatures through an electric system.


10) The elevator invented by Alexander Miles. He created the idea for automatically opening and closing elevator doors. Prior to this, elevators were manually closed to cut access to the shafts which resulted in accidents from people falling into empty elevators.

Check out this list of other African-American inventors and their life changing contributions!


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