Blac Chyna Announces Some Shocking News & Nia Long Lets J. Cole Know He’s Not “Too Young”

Blac Chyna Announces Some Shocking News & Nia Long Lets J. Cole Know He’s Not “Too Young”

This weekend was not only filled with new music and Mother’s Day celebrations, but big news were announced.

Early Friday morning, Blac Chyna took to Instagram to announce her pregnancy with fiancé Rob Kardashian.

As Twitter and Instagram went in a frenzy over the news, it dawned on many that Chyna will be carrying the only child that can receive the “Kardashian” name.  Some even suggested she should name the baby “Karma Kardashian” considering her ex-baby father Tyga is dating Rob’s little sister Kylie.  It’s a mess, I know.

It’s also rumored that Chyna will now be referred to as Angela Kardashian (Angela, being her legal name).  There hasn’t been any word from Rob’s sisters or Kris congratulating their new in-law on the news, although Chyna’s mother posted a video on Instagram, sounding somewhat rehearsed, confirming the pregnancy and oddly singing about becoming a grandmother…

I’m sure this will make next season’s KUWTK, or perhaps a spin-off is in the works. Hmmmmmm.

In other news, Nia Long sat down with Larry King and was asked why she’s mentioned in so many hip-hop songs.  J. Cole, being the most recent, in his song “No Role Modelz”, raps: “My only regret was too young for Lisa Bonet / My only regret was too young for Nia Long“, which Nia responds with “He’s really not too young. He just doesn’t know it.”

But now that J. Cole is married, it might be a little too late for this romance.  Let this be a lesson to everyone, always remember to shoot your shot!

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