BJ The Chicago Kid Speaks on The Price of Fame, His Writing Process & Thoughts on Ghost Writing

BJ The Chicago Kid is a true citizen of Sway in the Morning. Having just released his debut album “In My Mind” on February 19, BJ joins the crew to speak on the new music, fame, and writing credits in both hip-hop and R&B.

Keeping grounded by surrounding himself with people with real goals and ambitions, BJ speaks on dealing with fame. Although he has had to miss weddings and birthdays and holidays, BJ says that his new album is for those that missed his presence on these days.

With his brother Aaron credited on the album, BJ speaks on his writing process and the team that surrounds him. Elaborating on artists having another set of ears on their music, the debate about ghost writing comes up. BJ takes calls from listeners and discusses the topic at length with Heather B. While he’s in no way involved in big writing camps that have contributors only writing a few words amongst many others, BJ does have a small team that he bounces ideas off of. These people are legitimately credited and are in no way ghost writers.

While on air he also talks about writers that simply write because they don’t want to perform or see the fame that comes along with being a singer. With all this said and done though it’s easy to see that BJ The Chicago Kid has a classic album that involves incredible artistry.

Listen below and head to iTunes to grab your own copy of “In My Mind.”

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