BJ The Chicago Kid Sings Live Over a J. Dilla Beat + Explains What He Would Do As Mayor For a Day in Chicago

One of the unsung heroes of this new wave of music today BJ The Chicago Kid, excuse me, GRAMMY nominated (well deserved) BJ The Chicago Kid stopped by Sway in the Morning to touch on a little bit of everything from musical/life influences to circumstances in Chicago. It is never hard to spot genuine people, those that truly appreciate their situation and have a deeper sense of gratitude no matter what industry, scenario or how you come in contact with them. Interviews are typically the platform that bridges the artist behind the music you love directly to the fans to create that deeper connection, this is one for the archives – a blueprint if you will. No facades, his art is a true representation and not only does he put on for the city within his name through music but also creates change through his own non-profit organization.

But, before we spill all the goods from the interview go ahead and check it out below:

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