Bill Bellamy Says Being Funny Gets Better With Age, Social Media Comics Not Being Real Comedians + Breaks Down Ghetto Forensics of 2 New York Prison Escapees

Bill Bellamy has been for a long time!  The New Jersey native that has starred in movies like “How To Be A Player” and “The Brothers” joins Sway In The Morning to speak on getting funnier as time goes on, social media comics and breaks down some of the nations biggest news stories.

Explaining to Sway that Bernie Mac told him to bring it and be funny no matter where he is, Bellamy explains how he’s now hungry as ever to be funny as his jokes get better with time.  From Netflix to Spotify to Pandora we hear how pleased Bellamy is to have his content spread all over the internet.

From there he breaks down the new age social media comics and the difference between them and real comedians.  He credits social media for helping many prosper but also pegs it as something that can kill a career.

We also hear Bellamy give his hilarious take on some of the countries biggest news stories from Diddy’s infamous kettlebell incident to Caitlyn Jenner to the 2 recent New York prison escapees.  You can catch the full exclusive interview below.

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