Beyonce + Coldplay, One Stage. Super Bowl 50, it’s Happening.

Beyonce + Coldplay, One Stage. Super Bowl 50, it’s Happening.

Beyonce and Coldplay? Game Over. Well, maybe not “game over” since it’ll be halftime when these two touch down but this is shaping up to be greatness.

Coldplay – 7 Grammys under their belt to match an even more impressive collection of work that didn’t earn hardware but the hearts and ears of millions showing what longevity looks like. Beyonce – the most Grammy nominated female artist of all time, an insanely devoted fan base and a live performance that is unmatched. Oh yeah, she’s married to a pretty good rapper named Jay-Z who just so happens to also have a great relationship with Chris Martin of Coldplay.

It should be no surprise that the two giant talents will share the largest stage in sports, it is actually fitting if you look at how we arrived to this point. Both have already performed previously at the Super Bowl giving the committee high expectations with footage to back it, Coldplay is fresh off the release of their farewell project ‘A Head Full of Dreams‘ and featured on that very project is not only Beyonce but Blue Ivy as well (Happy Birthday to the little one). The collab track “Hymn for the Weekend” is expected to be performed live but either way – music fans will remember Super Bowl 50 as one of the best halftime performances ever.

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