Bethany Mota gives out her formula to being a Multi-Millionaire off of YouTube video's, How she overcomes creative blocks & even talks about beef between other YouTuber's

By Maria-Karmina Landicho

YouTube has been at the tip of our generation. In every site, blog, new article online — YouTube seems to be running the internet game.

Bethany Mota is a highly respected character in the realm of YouTuber’s. She represents Los Banos, California — and has become a multimillionaire, just by being a video blogger. (Heads up: She gives out her formula on how she got so rich, so you might want to keep reading this article and watch the interview to see how she did it.)

Being that she is only a 19-year old web celebrity who has hit millions of viewers on YouTube — we may feel really bad about ourselves after hearing that she has ultimately made herself a multimillionaire, by making video’s of herself.

This young and ambitious hustler has also launched a collection with the clothing brand, Aeropostale. So feel free to add “Designer” to her resume.

But don’t stop there, as she has just released her very first single (and visuals) titled, “Need You Right Now” and in usual Bethany form, the visuals and sound are as colorful and fun as she is. Watch her sit-down with Bethany Mota as Sway picks her brain about how she has made herself the most popular YouTube sensation at the age of 19.

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