Best Samsung Product in Years? The Gear S2 Stands Toe to Toe vs. Apple Watch

Best Samsung Product in Years? The Gear S2 Stands Toe to Toe vs. Apple Watch

Features, Functionality and Value vs. Popular Opinion.

It is extremely hard (and may not seem like a wise choice) to bet against the machine(s) that Steve built. However, in recent years consumers in every sector are beginning to look past the labels/brands and focus more so on what a product actually has to offer. This has been a large factor when it comes to Apple (although being the most recognized brand) losing market share at the same time. You cannot turn on the television, surf the web or walk into a mall without being overwhelmed with the advertising pull regarding the ongoing iPhone vs. Android battle. Even in music, you had Jay-Z opening new doors by releasing MCHG exclusively for Samsung users. Then, you had Dr. Dre‘s groundbreaking deal with Beats/Apple followed by the more recent Drake deal with Apple as well.

It seems as if Apple always has an answer, however, when it comes to the new tech wearables Samsung has delivered a blow that may end up looking a lot like Buster Douglas vs. Mike Tyson. Its new Gear S2 is the market’s best and only viable competition to the Apple Watch at the moment. Motorola is making attempts but is lacking in areas that Samsung easily took care of. It offers a comfortable fit for both male and female wrists, comes with a very user friendly 8 app interface and is extremely smooth when transitioning between uses. This is the one time they strayed away from their “relentless innovation” going with a more simplistic approach, it paid dividends and will inevitably be one of the strongest deciding factors.

If you have plans to purchase one, be sure to go into the store and test out both before forking over your hard earned dollars simply because one brand is worth more in stock and name holds weight. It is more than just a technology addition, it is a fashion accessory as well so be sure it feels right on you. The Samsung Gear S2 is more than a worth a second look for sure.

Preview one of the strongest Samsung products to date below and hit us @SwaysUniverse to let us know which one has your attention.

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