King Los: Mom Tears Up, Crazy Past, Lola Monroe + Best Freestyle of the Year & 5 Fingers of Death

Photo/video by Nahgee

We’re not new to King Los and his crazy bars, but every time he stops by Sway in the Morning, he still manages to blow us away with his wit and fast thinking.

This time, Sway tried to trip him up by throwing words at him to rhyme with. Didn’t work. King Los kills everything.

Watch below and come back to for Sway’s full interview where he opens up about his crazy past, and his child’s mother, fellow rapper, Lola Monroe.

Cop his new album God, Money, War HERE.

[Update] In Los’ full sit-down interview with Sway he gets candid. Opening up about his toughest obstacles, losing his Father at 16, getting dropped from Bad Boy and having to get back up from scratch. This talented rapper has gone through it all, but never lead him to quit.

While in-studio, he Facetimes his Mother and she opens up about her son and tears up with joyful pride.

Watch below.

  1. Wow… The Best Rapper Alive… #GodMoneyWar Like Sway Said, “Do Yourself A Favor And Pick It Up” You Weak M********* Rappers… Stay Home, Wit ya Broke Baby Mother Who Can’t Buy You A Movie Screen For Your Video Games Nigga.
    #GodMoneyWar #KngLos

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