Benjamin Bratt Comments on Native American History Being Neglected + Goes Into Detail About New Movie ‘The Infiltrator’

Video by PVA Entertainment

From Miss Congeniality to Blood In Blood Out to Law & Order to Ride Along 2, it’s safe to say you’re probably familar with Benjamin Bratt.  The handsome actor, who Sway had to ask what he uses on his skin because it’s impressive, stopped by Sway in the Morning to discuss the details about his new upcoming movie The Infiltrator.

During the interview, Mike Muse (Political News with Mike Muse), asked Bratt how do we insert more Native American history into immigrant conversation seeing as Native Americans seem to always be forgotten when the conversation is brought up.  Bratt answers that we have to have a conversation about the racial dynamics in the country and how Western civilization looks at that part of history like nothing happened, considering this country was built on slave labor.  Interested in what else Benjamin had to say?  Watch the interview to hear all that and details about his upcoming movie The Infiltrator in theaters now!

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