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Ben Vereen Interview: The Eye-Opening Reality of Being Homeless + How to Help

Ben Vereen is a timeless public figure, actor and humanitarian.  With his new movie “Time Out Of Mind” with Richard Gere shining the spotlight on homelessness in NYC, we had the pleasure of having him in the Sway in the Morning studio to give his take on the issue.

Filming independently, Vereen and co-star Richard Gere went into the streets of NYC portraying homeless men in full force and the results were eye-opening.  Reminiscing on his experience, Vereen makes it known that portraying a homeless man was a constant battle of feeling uncomfortable with glares and looks of un-approval from those around him.

During his time in-studio Vereen also speaks on his spirituality and how he dealt with the constant up and downs in his career.  Check out this eye-opening interview below and make sure to see “Time Out Of Mind” and let us know what you think!

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