If you follow the popular ABC show, Scandal then you know our special guest as Senator Melody or “Mellie” Grant. That’s right, actress Bellamy Young stopped by Sway in the Morning today to talk about Shonda Rhimes’ political thriller coming to an end. ABC officially confirmed that the soap would wrap up in its seventh season.

Young also speaks on Kerry Washington’s pregnancy and how they concealed her baby bump on set. Young jokingly said, “The flower arrangements got bigger, the purses got bigger, you know the files got more important . . . “

Last time Scandal star Tony Goldwyn joined us on the morning show he revealed that Young had quite the potty mouth, so we decided to have her play a game of “Who Said It Best.” We pulled some quotes from prominent films and songs, then had Young rate each actor/artist’s style when came to how they used profanity.

Fans can catch the two-hour finale of Scandal’s sixth season on Thursday at 9 p.m. on ABC.

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