Bellamy Young Opens Up Abour her Relationship with Ed Weeks, Speaks on ’Scandal’ + Comparisons to Current Presidential Race

Video by YSKSK

Scandal star Bellamy Young also known as Mellie Grant, stopped by and showed love to Sway as we dove right in to the parallels drawn between the show and our current presidential race. In a few ways, seeing her character on screen is similar to watching Hillary make a push to become the female face in the White House although after quick research there has never been a divorce like her and Fitz on screen.

Off screen though her love life is wonderful with Ed Weeks, who put the charm on her after not having a date in over 5 years. He had a lot to make up for and did a good job apparently as she recalls their very first meeting, one that was totally unexpected but isn’t that typically how the best things in life show up.

Make sure you tune in to the season finale of Scandal May 12th as the White House drama continues to unfold.

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