Bella Thorne & Prince Fox Details Transition Into Music, Feminism & Personal Hygiene

Disney star Bella Thorne and EDM producer Prince Fox stopped by Sway In The Morning to talk about their upcoming music on a more personal tip.

Sway revealed that he’s a fan from when he and his daughter watched “Shake It Up” on Disney Channel. Thorne went on to explain that parents come up to her and ask her about the next season all time.

She’s now left acting behind for a little. She revealed that for the first time in her life she’s put music before acting. Her in-home studio allows her to do 16-hour studio sessions and knock out 14 songs in two weeks, but it wasn’t always fun for her.

Prince Fox, whom she met at party, and Thorne had similar experiences with record labels before, which provoked them to take a hiatus from music for a while. Fox compared it to a fallen out relationship where no one party is solely responsible. Bella says, “the label life doesn’t suit me.”

Watch below as she talks passion in music, being a “wild child,” and men being surprised by her depth.

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