Beatnick & K-Salaam Release Two New Tracks With Bun B and Kirk Knight

Today we are bringing you two new tracks in the classic double sided release, version A side and B side. This is the final release off their upcoming project, The Bluest Flame, album, which drops October 7. On the first cut, “Keep It 100,” we get an uptempo joint with a swinging guitar lick, riveting horns, and Houston’s ambassador, Bun B effortlessly exposes the fraudulent with flavor to spare.

Then, Pro Era member Kirk Knight shows his growth as an artist on the retrospective “No Other Way.” The piano-driven melody gives Kirk the runway he needs to take flight and levitate over the track. Both songs are bolstered by up and coming crooners. Adrian sings the hook and highlights the verse on “No Other Way,” while Adi Armour accompanies Bun on “Keep It 100.”

Listen below as you can stream the tracks via YouTube.

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