Bay Area Stand Up: Kehlani Celebrates The Warriors With New Anthem "Champion"

Following a win from boxer Andre Ward and an NBA Championship from the Golden State Warriors, their first in 40 years, the Bay Area may have just had the best week ever. On Friday all eyes turned to the region as as over 1 million residents swarmed Oakland’s own Lake Merritt in honor of the team’s well earned victory.

From Riley Curry to “The Based God Curse,” it was a series that often spilled outside of the actual game. Now HBK’s own Kehlani has called in the troops, bringing Bay Area emcees G-Eazy, Iamsu!, P-Lo and Lil B together for a celebration track titled “Champion.” Listen below as Kehlani adds, “Welcome to the Bay, it’s the land of the real / The home of the honest, the home of no chill.”

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