For anyone who ever doubt President Obama’s realness, this is an article you may want to read.

Now while To Pimp A Butterfly is nominated for a 2016 Grammy (congrats to K.Dot on that) Mr. President he revealed his favorite track of the year which happens to be featured on this monumental album.

K.Dot’s hits from the album include “These Walls”, “King Kunta”, “Alright”, and “i”, but Obama’s favorite happens to be “How Much A Dollar Costs”.

Ronald Isley is a big part of this record and we can absolutely see how the combination of old school R&B and new school Hip-Hop can be a little too appealing, who would’ve know how deep Prez B gets behind closed doors.

Heres a throw back clip of Sway and President Obama having a 1 on 1. If you haven’t seen it, you may want to get a notebook and a pen because this brief chat contains many note-worthy GEMS:


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