Baby Keem Drops Singles “Hooligan” and “Sons & Critics” With New Visuals Directed by Jake Schreier

Baby Keem Drops Singles “Hooligan” and “Sons & Critics” With New Visuals Directed by Jake Schreier

Baby Keem drops two tracks titled “Hooligan” and “Sons & Critics” after a little over a year of dropping his project, Die for My Bitch. Baby Keem has since been featured on the Black Panther soundtrack along with Kendrick Lamar and The Lion King: The Gift with Beyoncé.

The two singles, “Hooligan” and “Sons & Critics” are the first solo tracks since 2019. Keem keeps a consistent aesthetic for the cover similar to his Orange Soda single cover but with grayscale and drops the visual for “Hooligan directed Jake Schreier.

The visual depicts the 19-year-old rapper on a journey alone despite the fame, money, and girls. The young rapper adds a twist by letting his female co-stars rap his lyrics for him, while he gazes with a puzzled and discontent expression in the camera. His lyrics and scenery speak for him without saying a word in the visual.

We see Keem wanting to disconnect from his lovers and what fame should look like as a rapper.

“I need to buy a new neck, neck, neck, neck
I stopped wearin’ VVs”.”

Each woman in the visual seems to represent him evolving and gaining a new perspective, while they rap his lyrics while having no connection with him in the music video.  

“She wanna put on my jewelry, and play with it
Like she’s entitled to it
I’m done, bitch, go to your room”

PgLang, the company created by Kendrick Lamar and David Free is also listed as the production company for the music video, and Baby Keem was one of the first artists to partner with the “new multi-lingual, at service company”. You can also catch Baby Keem in the visual mission statement video along with Kendrick Lamar and Yara Shahidi. There is also news that the follow up to Die for My Bitch is on the way.

Also, check out the “Sons & Critics” freestyle.

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