B-Real has “The Prescription” in his latest Mixtape

B-Real has “The Prescription” in his latest Mixtape

By Maria-Karmina Landicho

When the Dr. prescribes a patient prescription, the patient has to listen to him and take the pills. He’s the Dr., for goodness sake!

In the rap game, there are only a few Dr.’s who are highly respected.

Dr. Dre is one of them (who, by the way — celebrated his 50th birthday yesterday. Happy Belated Born Day Dr. Dre!)

Dr. Greenthumb”, also known as B-Real, from Cypress Hill — is the respected other.

Today, he has given the Hip-Hop game, yet another prescription with his latest release of “The Prescription” mixtape. As he only features the realest in the game, 5 tracks of the tape are provided from B-Real — while the rest of the 6 (to the 11-track mixtape), are provided by his alter-ego “Dr. Greenthumb.”

There’s a whole lot of Kush Conversations going down and the mixtape is definitely a heavy one to process (if you’re not high), so sit yourselves down for this one.

Listen to all 11-tracks, below:


  1. I heard some death rap it sick to y stomach shit with no heart who in hip hop has the strongest heart stiriving to survive keeps me iil

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