Austin Trout Talks Upcoming Fight Against Jarrett Hurd, Fighting Canelo Alvarez + The Business Side of Boxing

Today we would like to introduce, Austin Trout, who is an American professional boxer. Trout has a big fight on October 14th, against the undefeated champion, Jarrett Hurd. Trout talks about being a two time world championĀ and how that means everything to him. Trout considers this upcoming fight a “legacy” match. As he talks about the importance of his next fight, Trout talks about his fight with Canelo Alvarez. Trout looks at Canelo Alvarez as the “golden boy” of boxing, because he’s such a tough opponent to beat. Trout is considered a student of the game, when it comes to boxing. That same love he has for his craft, he enjoys watching it in the biggest moments. He briefly discusses with Sway and the team about how exciting the match up between Mayweather and McGregor truly was.

As the interview continues, Trout talks about bringing the golden age of boxing back. Him and Sway discuss how there is a division between old school boxing versus the new age of boxing, we see. Trout talks about no one necessarily explains boxing anymore, they just talk aboutĀ the fight as they see it. He also discusses the business aspect of boxing, and how 90% of boxers go broke after their careers are over. “At one point I was only bringing home 30% of my checks,” said Trout.

Watch below as Austin Trout talks more about boxing, and how the sport is now!

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