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August Alsina comes from the block with dudes slanging rocks + Talks about his generations state of 'Hip Hop' Telling us to respect the struggle & His current relationship status

By Maria-Karmina

He was only 4-years old when Notorious B.I.G. got shot — and as a child of Hip Hop, August Alsina truthfully shares his story. As small as he is, our boy always seems to be eating. Beginning his chat with the crew, here he is again — grubbing y’all.

He quickly jumps into Alsina mode and starts educating us on “Hip Hop” — bouncing thoughts off with Sway on the importance of respecting the struggle. August says,

I’m not just talking about me, I’m talking abut my generation. I’m talking about what I see as I go through life, as I ride through the hood; this is what I see … People just trying to get enough bricks to make a house.

He continued to preach to the choir by saying,

In my heart of hearts … I want people to fall in love with the process. I think that a lot of times we are just so ready to get to the end of result that we don’t fall in love with the struggle; and respect the struggle … because that’s really what molds you into something beautiful.

In that same context, his adopted persona’s have been clearly portrayed in his tracks. In fact, his album “Testimony” was all about his struggles — take it back right quick to the first track lifted from that album titled, “Testify” and imagine yourself in his shoe’s for a moment (pay attention to the lyrics):


With that being said, this young trail blazer continues to preach on the current state of Hip Hop. August Alsina was just a child when Biggie passed, but he still manages to compare the and contrast the lack of difference between issue’s of today – versus – issue’s in Hip Hop when Biggie was lyrically spitting his views. Using his platform, August is set to reveal more of his stories and perspectives in his latest single titled, “Hip Hop” off of his forthcoming album.

As a young buck in the industry, Heather B challenges his stance questioning “are you still excited about the industry/the game?” We’re proud to say,our homie had a brilliant answer for her as he says,

I’m in the industry, but that’s just not my world. I’m more so excited about the people that I can talk to … All this other sh!t is for the birds … all these n*ggas hating on each other, that sh*t for the birds. Y’all can have that sh*t.

August Alsina proves that he has not only grown right before our eyes, but he is blossoming into something beautiful.

From music, to relationships, and even yearning for the feeling of “wanting to bring flowers” to a woman — You can watch August Alsina preach about the high-and-low levels of life, below:



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