Audio Push Brings You “Inside the Vibe” – Episode 3

Audio Push Brings You “Inside the Vibe” – Episode 3

“If everybody on this planet believed in themselves the way Kanye believes in himself and stopped hating everything, we’d be so much further ahead.” Audio Push.

The talented Cali duo Audio Push gave us a BTS look back at their most recent original project ‘The Good Vibe Tribe’ through Episode 3 of the “Inside the Vibe” vlog. Ironically enough, the reason it exists as we know it came from what could have been an unfortunate situation. The two were stranded during an East Coast stretch of their tour but instead of worrying about the circumstances outside of their control, they got busy. If you’ve heard the more recent ‘My Turn II’ EP then you’re well aware that the bars are never an issue for the I.E representatives. They just fired up the 2K, made sure there was heat on the bus and created the entire project right there. Lets you know how talented they truly are.

In case you missed the episode, go ahead and check it out below. Be sure to get your hands (and ears) on ‘The Good Vibe Tribe‘ if you haven’t already as well.

sitting between a dream and reality enjoying the view. blessings.

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