ASAP Rocky and Co-Defendants Allowed to Leave Sweden While They Wait For Verdict

ASAP Rocky and Co-Defendants Allowed to Leave Sweden While They Wait For Verdict

FLACO IS HOME!! Finally, after Swedish power arrested Rocky for an alleged assault about a month ago, there was footage all over social media showing he altercation, Rocky even posted it himself the incident. He was facing up to two years. August 14th is when the final verdict will be released.

A judge has announced that ASAP Rocky and his co-defendants who were involved in the controversial Sweden assault can now be released from custody. On Friday night Robert C. O’Brien the US Special Presidential Envoy for Hostage Affairs wrote a diplomatic letter to the Swedish Prosecution Authority urging that the case be solved as soon as possible. The letter requested that Rocky and his co-defendants —David Rispers and Bladimir Corniel be released immediately or be supervised in a local Stockholm hotel. U.S Officials put pressure on the Swedish government by stating that if they did not release Rocky and his co-defendants, that there would be possible “negative consequences to the U.S.-Swedish bilateral relationship.”
The altercation has bee characterized many times as an act of self-defense by rocky himself and his bodyguard. ASAP’s bodyguard actually testified Friday stating that Rocky and his team were put in a fearful situation. Many artists who stand by Rocky’s side have pleaded for his released and have also threatened to boycott Sweden on future touring.

But all in all, we can say that Rocky has a great amount of love and support and if it weren’t for his close colleague, friends, and fans, this situation could have gone south very fast. Followed by his released Rocky shared with us an Instagram post thanking everyone for their support.

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