Artist, Director, Business Women, Rose McGowan Says "Go F**K Yourself" to Outfit Request at Adam Sandler Movie Audition, Talks Directing Short Film "Dawn" & Making Smart Investments

Not afraid to make big moves and take names along the way, Rose McGowan is making big strides for entrepreneurial women everywhere.  From directing films to having stake in a handful of businesses, McGowan recently joined Sway in the Morning to elaborate on doing things on your own and taking no prisoners.

Making headlines of late by publishing a request to dress in a form fitting outfit for an Adam Sandler movie audition, McGowan clears the air about the incident by simply laughing it off.  Sticking close to friends in LA and not joining ‘entouragey’ groups, McGowan discusses the current problems in Hollywood.

Switching topics to her directorial debut in the short film “Dawn,” McGowan takes on the challenge of telling a full story in 19 minutes.

“I’m an artist, I can do anything I want.  I’m free.”

Along with taking directing head on, McGowan also discusses some current business ventures and things she believes should be taught to kids at an early.  Check out the full interview below and check out “Dawn” HERE.

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