Apple’s New Touch Bar Allows Skipping YouTube Ads

The good folks over at Apple are always looking to make our connected experience a little better, and their latest creation certainly does just that. Apple’s latest MacBook Pro features the brand new Touch Bar, which opens users up to a host of new features. The keynote presentation, helmed by Apple CEO Tim Cook gave us a closer look at some of those features and we’re certainly impressive. Today the good folks over at Reddit have found out that MacBook Pro users can presumably bypass YouTube ads using the Touch Bar.

Redditor RomansFiveEight stated “In Safari, the touchbar [sic] will pop up a scrubbing control whenever a video begins to play. Amazingly, you can use that to scrub THROUGH an ad, even a non-skippable 30 second pre-roll ad; and begin your video right away! Who knows how long this ‘feature’ will exist. But, hey; pretty neat!” Sounds like an interesting move, though it’s uncertain how long this will survive. It’s certainly a loss to content creators and according to AppleInsider, Google is working on a way to eliminate the Touch Bar trick quickly. Speak your thoughts on the news below and stay tuned for tips, tricks and hints coming soon!

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