Anthony Mackie Opens Up About Capturing the Essence of Martin Luther King Jr in “All The Way” + The Importance of Fully Understanding Our Country’s History

Portraying the late Martin Luther King Jr in the HBO movie “All The Way” which premieres Saturday, Anthony Mackie joins Sway in the Morning to drop some serious knowledge.

Less concerned about perfecting the look and sound of the late Dr. King, Mackie speaks on capturing the true essence of his character and showcasing his actions. Visiting Morehouse College during the filming of another movie, Mackie speaks on more pieces of information he learned about Dr. King through looking at archives and talking with people who marched alongside him.

Going into detail about the plot of the upcoming film he opens up about Dr. King’s relationship with President Lyndon B. Johnson. Often only scrutinized he clears the air of his stance and push to invoke the Emancipation Proclamation.

Moving past just LBJ, Mackie speaks on citizens of America treaty history solely as history without looking into it and understanding how things came about.

Before taking off Mackie plays Keep It Real with DB and jokes about how terrible his first car was. Check out the full interview above and tune into HBO this Saturday to watch “All The Way.”

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