Anthony Bourdain Interview: From Chef to Bestselling Author + Which Home-cooked Meal He Prefers

Food for thought with Anthony Bourdain.

The popular chef and turned writer/creator of graphic novels recently stopped by SITM to discuss the balance between creating the most delicious meals on earth, television roles and more. You have probably caught him traveling the globe on “No Reservations” exploring the different cultures, so it was only right to find out what dishes he likes whether it be from Milan or Rome. Ironically enough a simple grandma meatloaf will do the trick for Bourdain, nothing beats home cooking it seems.

Beyond the dinner table, Anthony has also combined his lifelong passions of comic books and Japanese sword flicks into his own grapic novel ‘Get Jiro: Blood and Sushi‘. This will be the prequel to the previous New York Times bestseller ‘Get Jiro‘ which surfaced back in 2013. Staying busy as usual but always appreciated when people make time to stop by.

Check out the full interview below and be sure to grab the new graphic novel to read during “No Reservations” commercial breaks:




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