Another Week of College Football = More Upsets, More Broken Records (Week 3 Recap)

Another Week of College Football = More Upsets, More Broken Records (Week 3 Recap)

The roller coaster ride that is known by many as the College Football season continued into its third week and it once again didn’t disappoint in any way. Then again, guess that depends on who your team is…a few fans may have lost their voice during the game, thrown the nearest item at the television screen once the game clock hit zero and entered work still upset about a couple of major losses.

#6 USC upset by Stanford 41-31

Stanford Win

There are match-ups you watch thinking “the longer they let the underdog stay around, the more their confidence grows” and then there are times when you throw rankings completely out the window because both teams brought their A game proving the rank was nothing more than a number. Saturday night seemed like a fair mix of the two as #6 USC and unranked Stanford battled in the Los Angeles Coliseum. Looking at the stat line nothing shows any signs of either team having a clear cut advantage – no turnovers and total yards nearly identical. But, time of possession and execution is what separated the two. Stanford was just better prepared and imposed their will on their Trojans as they earned a 41-31 win on the road.

Head coach David Shaw was named the Dodd Trophy Coach of the Week and their leader on the field was named Pac-12 Offensive Player of the Week. The impressive showing has propelled Stanford into the Top 25, landing at the #21 spot heading into more conference action vs. Oregon State.

…The Upsets Didn’t Stop There…   

#15 Ole Miss beats #2 Alabama 43-37: The SEC can’t help but breed a “survival of the fittest” mentality as they are typically the strongest conference in College Football year in and year out. However, this year has exposed the top heavy group early with three dropping out of the 25 best after only two weeks. The #15 Ole Miss vs. #2 Alabama match-up helped further shake up not only the conference but the Top 25 as a whole, the Runnin Rebels forced 3 interceptions in a shootout that would ultimately be the determining factor. Heisman front runner Derrick Henry tried all he could adding a touchdown of his own complete with a few oohs and awes thanks to his balance of speed and power but it takes a team to win these type of games. On Saturday, Ole Miss was in fact the better team. 


Sway’s Universe Performance of the Week:

En route to #13 LSU destroying the #18 Auburn Tigers 45-21, Heisman hopeful Leonard Fournette ran over, through and past their defense on his way to a career night: 19 attempts, 228 yards and 3 TDs. This kid has the best chance to walk away with the hardware with the exception of Ohio State and its high powered options, but either way don’t think this is the last time you will see his name here. He’s a star.

Players of the Week – Auburn from LSU Football on Vimeo.

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