Anna Camp on Interracial Dating, Confederate Day + “Saints and Strangers” Premiering Tonight!

Video by Nahgee

From the movie Pitch Perfect, and the television series, True Blood, the good-spirited Anna Camp joined us today on Sway in the Morning.

While in-studio, she compared theater acting, with TV and big-screen work. Also, opening up about her new series, debuting tonight at 9pm on National Geographic, called Saints & Strangers. A four-hour, two-night TV-movie about Pilgrims and Native Americans sitting down together for the first ever Thanksgiving.

Diggin deeper, Anna spoke about interracial dating and what her current boyfriend — and fellow Pitch Perfect cast-mate — did to win her over.

Just in time for Thanksgiving, catch “Saints and Strangers” tonight at 9pm on National Geographic!

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