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Angela Bassett Speaks on Relationship with Whitney Houston, Challenges Directing her Biopic and Aaliyah Biopic Response

With her directorial debut of  “Whitney” the biopic airing this Saturday the 17th on Lifetime, Angela Bassett joins the Sway In The Morning studios to speak on the filming process and how having a relationship with Whitney helped fuel her passion.

Starting the interview off by joking that he looked to date girls like Angela, Sway gets some exclusive information about Angela Basset’s relationship with Whitney Houston.  Using her relationship as motivation Bassett discusses the processes of choosing what parts of Houston’s life to use and what to leave out.

With the recent backlash from the Aaliyah biopic which aired on Lifetime late last year, Bassett speaks on her own filming process and her positive attitude about how her film will be perceived.  Check out the exclusive interview below.

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