Angel Haze On Advice from Kanye, The Power of Shrooms, Azealia Banks Saga and More

Friend of Sway in the Morning, Angel Haze has been on the show multiple times, but today it’s a little different. We’ve seen this Detroit-artist since the beginning and we love watching her soar. With new experiences under her belt, like hanging with Ye overseas, meeting Erykah Badu, and doing ‘shrooms for the first time — our interview is both enlightening and entertaining.

After Ye gave her major gems, she told us, “that interaction with kanye inspired me to do my own shit,” also elaborating her desire to sing on her tracks.

Recently, Haze was diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder, due to her environment growing up, and since Therapists are a waste of time (in her opinion), instead she did ‘shrooms in Joshua Tree, CA and faced her demons face-to-face.

In fact, after performing ‘Impossible’ off her Back to the Woods project, she explains a certain line about the devil…

“I know the devil, I am his handler” Angel says in her song.

“I’m just God in black clothes.” She tells us. “I feel like if the devil met me he would be afraid that I would take over.”

Watch above as Angel talks about her “petty” beef with Azealia Banks, her battle with sobriety, and why Sway was hesitant to hug her. Also, cop Back to the Woods on iTunes or download for free on Soundcloud.

  1. Pretty much the most amazing and most ingenious rapper on planet earth! Slay that shit, Angel, slay!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

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