Andy Mineo Interview: 5 Fingers of Death Freestyle, Making a Song for His Deaf Sister & Relationship with God

Andy Mineo is a real one, plain and simple.  Throwing Nerf-gun album listening parties for his fans to creating a unique Instagram experience corresponding to each track off his upcoming album “Uncomfortable,” it’s easy to see that Mineo truly cares about his fans and their experience.

From speaking on these memorable experiences to working with Illmind on “Uncomfortable,” Mineo holds nothing back.  He explains why he made a song for his deaf sister and his idea for the speechless promotion as well as his God-centered relationship with his wife as he turns the page on one year of marriage.

We also hear Mineo break down the lyrics to his title track “Uncomfortable” as he drops gems about not settling into being comfortable with life.

I want my art to comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable

This interview is a simple must listen.  Press play and keep up with Andy Mineo on Twitter @AndyMineo, you can head to iTunes to pre-order “Uncomfortable” now!

  1. Got to do something about quality I’ve yet to have these videos load… I have a galaxy s6 and nexus 10 tablet… What’s really good though maan? Smh

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