Andy Cohen on Sexing Dummies and his New Radio Station on Sirius XM

Andy Cohen is a man who has worn many different hats and done it well.  From being acknowledged for his stellar sense of style to making waves at BRAVO for shows like Real Housewives Cohen is always bringing on new ventures.

Moving to New York a short time ago we had the great pleasure of having Andy announce his new Radio Andy channel on Sirius XM.  Bringing with him years of experience and many friends and colleagues to run shows on his channel, Cohen speaks on his pure excitement to start something new.

Before conversation got too serious though, Andy had to tell Heather about his crush of one of her Real World Season 1 co-stars.  One thing leads to another and conversation spins into Andy joking about whether or not he should have sex with dumb men and of course Sway adds fuel to the fire.

With joking aside we hear Andy give his thoughts on this years Emmy Awards.  From urging Viola Davis to run for President to Tracey Morgan’s touching return to the spotlight Andy was very pleased with the events that transpired.

Check out the full interview and keep up with Andy Cohen on Twitter.

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