Andre Ward NOT Running from Golovkin and BET Takes on Boxing

Andre Ward NOT Running from Golovkin and BET Takes on Boxing

When you have to literally stop and really think about the last time you lost a fight, clearly you are doing something right. Those things large and small have added up to a perfect 27-0 record for one of the best pound for pound fighters in Andre Ward. He stopped through Sway in the Morning to share his current top 5 which includes Lecrae and Andy Mineo, also touching on what the acronym “SOG (Son of God)” means to him personally as he stands firm on his faith. Always a great thing to see athletes in his position enjoying success but giving credit where is it due and not being embarrassed or ashamed to show wholeheartedly that he is a believer. Kudos.

We wish him the best in the upcoming fight with Paul Smith June 20th on BET, hopefully he can continue his winning streak and avoid his first career loss. Great look for BET putting together its first ever bout. Tune in and let us know via @SwaysUniverse how many rounds you think it’s going to go.

Check out the full interview right here:

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