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Andre Braugher Shares Love For The Olympics, Says Bruce Jenner Is A Hero & Role Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman Had On His Career During "Glory"

Andre Braugher has a very diverse set of skills, from acting in comedies like “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” serious films like “Glory” and even narrating for the Olympics.  We had the pleasure of sitting down with Braugher on Sway In The Morning to hear some insight from his life and his opinion on certain current events.

With the end of the second season of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” coming to an end, Braugher explains the character he plays as a square with a dry sense of humor.  Being asked about rap, Braugher reveals that he’s a  big fan of J. Cole and his favorite album of all time is Kanye’s “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.”

Explaining his love for the Olympics and how he landed a job narrating them, we hear Braugher give his take on Bruce Jenner as he outlines that only a hero like Jenner could legitimately carry the torch for people to understand the transgender community.

Explaining his early career, Braugher details his time on the set of “Glory” and how Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman took him under their wing and guided his every move.  He also breaks down how he turned down many auditions due to them not portraying a real, deep, human being.

Braugher also takes questions from Sway’s Mystery Sack and tells a story about how he nearly burned his childhood house down and reveals that he would love to grab a drink with Harriet Tubman due to her pure genius.

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