Andre 3000 Named As Creative Director of Swedish Brand Tretorn

Andre 3000 Named As Creative Director of Swedish Brand Tretorn

While we all hope that Outkast would come together for another album, today it looks like one half of the legendary duo has a new job. Today the word comes down that Andre 3000 is now the Creative Director for the Swedish brand, Tretorn. The good folks over at WWD reports that Nick Woodhouse, the chief marketing officer and president of Tretorn’s parent company Authentic Brands Group released a statement saying: “We wanted to work with Andre because he resonates with all ages and he’s an OG.” The statement continues to say that “He’s not a flavor of the month. There are a lot of terrific, young influencers out there, but Andre is established. These young kids are reaching out to him to collaborate. That’s why we did this.” Andre will star in Tretorn’s forthcoming fall campaign and will also serve as one of the designers behind the brand’s line of sneakers for next year.

Tretorn’s president went on to say, “We are making sure that the name of Tretorn gets out there in the sphere of the youth, and the idea with Andre is to make the brand more famous than what it is so the Millennial customer can understand it.” Let us know what you think about Andre’s new gig in the comments below and be on the lookout for much more coming from this very soon!

Photo: Joe Pugliese / BILLBOARD

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