Alyssa Milano and Alec Ledd Tell the Incredible Story of Breaking Into Her Assistant’s House to Make “Celebrity Renovation”

Alyssa Milano seems to pick up new jobs at the drop of a hat. Constantly working and expanding her horizons she joins Sway in the Morning with her long time friend Alec Ledd aka Alaa Khaled to speak on their new FYI special “Celebrity Renovation.”

Finding out that her assistant and best friend Kelly had ovarian cancer, Milano had the idea to renovate her house while she was away at chemotherapy. Calling in Alec to help with the job, they, along with the FYI network broke into her house to complete the transformation.

Along the way they find a decaying mouse and learn to hack her phone to disable alarms the two laugh about how crazy the whole process was and how it came together so beautifully.

Watch above and tune into FYI this Friday to see the show.

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