"Alright" We Have The Beginnings of Kendrick's Visuals In The Works From Oakland

"Alright" We Have The Beginnings of Kendrick's Visuals In The Works From Oakland

By Maria-Karmina Landicho

The rap games butterfly — Kendrick Lamar, shot his visuals for “Alright” in Oakland this weekend, here is what happened.

Kendrick Lamar went to Treasure Island, which is right by Oakland, California. Yes, I said it. While everyone was celebrating the long 3-day weekend, K.Dot takes no days off and continued to work — as he traveled to OAK with his friend and visual phenomenon, Colin Tilley. Collin’s directing credits roll out a number of other rappers, presided over a shoot for “Alright,” off of the highly sought after album, To Pimp a Butterfly.

  via: East Bay Express, SAM LEFEBVRE

Shortly after one o’clock that day, social media posts flooded my timeline of a flatbed truck outfitted with scaffolding and a suspension system appeared in a lot. The buterfly (K. Dot) was then photoed hanging off of the ground while the truck cruised the lot with parts of the Bay Bridge in the background. Included in the visuals were all sorts of artsy designs, but the wall of boomboxes (pictured above) was the illest.

Local Bay Area rappers including Ezale and Los Rakas were reported by East Bay Express to be among the one hundred extras.

Make sure to stay posted on the video release, here with us on SwaysUniverse.com. In the meantime, take a close listen to the genius lyrics that make up Kendrick Lamar’s, “Alright“:


Kendrick Lamar dropped a quick freestyle, exclusively with Sway a couple years ago during SXSW. And then 3D Na’tee came through and dropped some slick bars in front of him, leaving K.Dot laughing at the shots fired. Don’t remember? Peep it:

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