AllHailYT Drops Think Rich

AllHailYT Drops Think Rich

AllHailYT, formerly known as Yung Texxus just dropped his Think Rich EP over the Thanksgiving break. We had the opportunity to sit back and have lunch with Y.T. to discuss this project in depth. There are a handful of artists that are really in tune with what is going on in the streets and talking about an approach to to help end all of the injustices happening to young blacks in America. Some take the approach of protesting or speaking out socially. But Y.T. has decided to address the root of the issue, that it all boils down to, which is money.

The disparity in socioeconomic status in America has opened a significant sense of entitlement that is fueled by years of racism and classism. Y.T. approaches these issues by calling for his community to “Think Rich”.


The EP is available on iTunes, Google Play and streaming Spotify. Check it out asap.

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