All Hail Y.T. and 80’s Baby Smoothly Craft “How To Be A Player Vol. 1”

All Hail Y.T. and 80’s Baby Smoothly Craft “How To Be A Player Vol. 1”

Snoop and Dre, Eric. B and Rakim, Ganstarr are all the gold standard of how a rapper and producer duo can come together and create a magical vibe that resonates for generations. In recent years we have been seeing more pairings like this for some slapping tracks. From Kung Fu Kenny linking up with Mike Will Made-It or Hov with No-ID. You even have 21 Savage and Metro Boomin cliquing up to put their stamp on the game. All Hail Y.T. and 80’s Baby are adding that name to that list. They have been creating classic and highly calculated projects in the underground for years. And with only a few weeks left in summer, they were generous enough to bless us with a wavey Superfly-esk album titled How To Be A Player Volume 1.

Y.T. and 80’s have been releasing a lot of music lately, but not like most. They are creating movie-like themes that allow you to really immerse yourself in the experience, which is really dope because it is not your regular 10 songs that are on the radio, that have no creativity to them. And to bring the songs to life, they are developing visuals that are hilariously funny and cool at the same time. Watch the trailer below as All Hail Y.T. plays “D Mack”, a man on the rise, irresistible to the ladies and a knack for making scratch. He crosses paths with the dangerously petty, “Pretty Tony” played by Mac Milli. After knocking one of his ladies, trouble ensues. Also, starring Lex Bubble as “Slim”, and introducing Torrie as “Dianne”.

How To Be A Player Volume 1 is a 10 track lifestyle piece to ride out to. Some stand out records are “Choose Up” featuring Left Lane Didon who compliments this track perfectly with his laid-back flow. “All Summer” is a certified banger, seeing All Hail Y.T. link back up with Dirty Mouth and Magno who laid down an ill verse. And 7th Heaven” sees Y.T. reconnect with longtime affiliate and crooner Kyle Owens. The album also features The Donn Beloved, Sikk, Mack and Donn Johnson. The album is available on Tidal, iTunes, and Spotify now. Check it out and salute to all the players out there!

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