Alicia Keys Releases a Powerful New Ballad Called “Hallelujah”

Following her single “In Common” that has been getting a lot of positive reviews, Alicia Keys releases a powerful new single called “Hallelujah”.  The emotional ballad has a religious theme, but also pays tribute to wild refugees as well.  The rawness and power in Alicia’s voice is just what we’ve been missing from her.

The song is also featured in a trailer for an upcoming movie titled Let Me In starring Alicia Keys.  The description of the movie states: “the film follows Alicia Keys and her family’s quest to survive after they experience unimaginable violence and embark on a journey that will forever change them…Along with thousands of Americans fleeing the conflict in Los Angeles, they must seek safety by attempting to cross the border into Mexico. Guided by their resolute love for each other and utter determination, the refugee family must navigate oceans and desserts in their unrelenting pursuit to find refuge and reunite.”  Let Me In hits theaters June 20.  Listen to the song and watch the trailer below.

Alicia Keys speaks on Global issues and her We Are Here campaign on Sway in the Morning.

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