Alicia Keys Gives Fans A Valentine's Day Treat With "Zebras and Airplanes"


Alicia Keys went back to her Element of Freedom era and shared a previously unreleased song, Zebras and Airplanes. Keys explains that five year old song was inspired by a painting by Chloe Early.

“I had never been overcome to write a song after seeing a painting before, but this one sent me to another place,” wrote Alicia on her website AK Vault. “I felt it! The power, the freedom, the strength to gallop and fly. And I knew right at that moment I would write a song called ‘Zebras and Airplanes’ to describe that kind of love. The whole of you—body and soul—can gallop and fly!” (Rap-Up)

Run free through the night, and fly high through the sky with Alicia Keys by listening to her new track below.

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