Alexander Skarsgård on Re-Creating the Tarzan Yell, Working With Samuel L. Jackson & Being Asked to Bite Someone Like His “True Blood” Character Vampire Eric.

From “True Blood” to “Zoolander” and many more, Alexander Skarsgård has played a number of incredible roles over the years. Stepping into up as a leading man in “The Legend Of Tarzan” he joins Sway in the Morning to speak on the film and his role as the main man.

Joking about pie and ‘getting fat’ since the wrapping of the movie in London Skarsgård reveals his diet and workout plan while filming in London. Immediately being asked about the patented Tarzan yell as OQ plays the wrong intro clip, he speaks on how the yell was re-created using his voice, an opera singer and animal noises.

Breaking down the plot of the film he opens up about how this depiction of Tarzan is different from previous films. Starting in London and going back to the Congo the film reverses the way Tarzan is shown previously. Working side by side with Samuel L. Jackson he speaks on their relationship and what it was like work with a legend.

Before leaving Skarsgård sticks his hand in Sway’s mystery sack and reveals that someone once asked him to bite them like his “True Blood” character Vampire Eric. Did he do it or not? You’ll have to watch above to find out.


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