Alex Winter Talks In-Studio to Crack Head Callers As He Delves Into Silk Road & Internet Freedom In "Deep Web"

By Maria-Karmina Landicho

From 1989’s – Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, thee one and only, Alex Winter joins us in-studio to explain exactly what the “Dude Culture” is.

Alex Winter and Keanu Reeve’s make-up the two dudes from Bill & Ted — and luckily for the fans of these dudes, Alex admits to Sway that they are in the works of  a third part telling a bit of a funny back story, stating:

[Keanu Reeve’s and I] were hanging out in New York like 10 years ago … and we were smack in the middle of like 10,000 people … But, we don’t normally go to crowd infested area’s and a couple of drunk guys walked passed us and said  ‘Look it’s two fat old dude’s trying to be Bill & Ted

He continued to chuckle and say,

That’s when we decided to go on a diet and make a third one … We’ve been cooking it up for the last few years. We’ll probably make it sometime next year.


But he’s going further than his infamous dude In promotion for his newest project titled, “Deep Web” — Alex Winter has reinvented himself since retiring from full-time acting in the early ’90s.

In this documentary Alex has specifically honed in on dealing with the evolving and complicated world of digital law, freedom, and privacy.

Before Deep Web — there was Winter’s 2013 doc Downloaded, which explored the explosion of file-sharing services like Napster. and now to follow-up, Deep Web, looks into the case of online drug market Silk Road and the man behind it named, Ross Ulbricht, who was sentenced to life in prison last Friday for his role as,

The kingpin of a worldwide digital drug-trafficking enterprise.”

 Deep Web is narrated by Winter’s most famous co-star and longtime dude, Keanu Reeves. Deep Web, like many documentaries, is intended to stir up dialogue. Let us know what you think about it after it premiere’s this Sunday on Epix.

Watch his chat with Sway and the crew, below:

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