Start your "True Romance" by streaming Estelle's latest album

By Maria-Karmina Landicho

Since her first hit record “American Boy” (2008), this UK beau has continued to rule the music scene with numerous tunes, ranging from reggae to hip-hop, to soul and dance; and has been consistently pleasing our ears with whatever she chooses to take on.

I’m talking about none other than, Estelle — ladies and gentleman.

This gorgeous woman has created a 12-track ensemble for her latest album release of “True Romance” — and it’s just as beautiful as you would want it to be.

Intimate instruments, overflow this album which are completed by the powerful love and hurt in Estelle‘s vocals — leaving fans feeling very alive.

Considering that “True Romance” is Estelle’s fourth studio album, the need for artist features is completely unnecessary. So with that being said, all 12-tracks are Estelle, and only Estelle. Stream all 12-songs, below:


When Estelle came through on Sway In The Morning, she not only spoke on her music — but the woman even got a little intimate and talked to Sway about good sex. Watch and learn, below:

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