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Adrien Brody Details First Ever Art Basel Show in Miami, Directing ‘Manhattan Night’, Making Beats for Raekwon and Nore + Plays A Few Live on Air

Video by PVA Ent

If you haven’t seen Adrien Brody in too many roles lately, it’s not for the typical negative things associated with actors once they leave the scene. He hasn’t given up acting but in a sense he’s been re-vitalizing his creativity through painting and focusing more on what’s important. Brody stopped by SITM to have a quick conversation with the crew as he let us in on a few surprising facts, like he’s been making beats since he was 20. That’s a long time to perfect an art, it’s good that he’s reaching a place where he’s comfortable enough to share that gift with the world. Most importantly, it’s not money motivated…motivated by love for the music.

It’s one thing to create art and an entirely different thing to share it with others, Brody overcame that obstacle recently putting on his very first art show in Miami. What’s even more amazing is the way he’s able to translate what is hurting the community into his painting, detailing a few of his favorite pieces during the segment. That same want to see his vision through took form in another way as well, Brody directed an upcoming film ‘Manhattan Night’ based on an incredible novel by Colin Harrison which will be in theaters this Friday.

Whether it is painting, acting, directing films or producing beats Adrien Brody definitely has the gift of creativity working well in his favor. Check out the full interview above and listen as he drops a few beats live on air for us!

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