Adrian Marcel On Touring W/ Keyshia Cole, Why He Won't Reveal His Race, Women & Performs Live In-Studio

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Up and coming R&B singer, Adrian Marcel has been making many waves with his new music, so it was only right that he stop by Sway in the Morning for our in-studio concert series. Before he began performing, Marcel first spoke about the Bay Area and his excitement about touring with Keyshia Cole. In addition to him not revealing his racial makeup, Adrian also gave his input about Chris Brown’s permed hair-do that greatly resembles his. Adrian also spoke about what it is like working with Raphael Saadiq. Since it has dropped, Adrian Marcel’s new single “2AM” featuring Sage the Gemini has been a hit for summer radio. Now continuing with the Sway in the Morning in-studio concert series, Marcel gave a live performance of his new song. Additionally, he spoke about how he juggles the many women who show interest in him because of his new found fame. He also discussed how he got past the issues in Oakland to pursue his music career. For his last performance on this installment of Sway in the Morning Live In-Studio Concert Series, Adrian Marcel performed his song “My Life.” However, before the performance, he explained what the song means to him.
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Check out Adrian Marcel’s new song “2AM” featuring Sage the Gemini.

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