Adam West, The Original Batman, Has Passed Away

Adam West, The Original Batman, Has Passed Away

This weekend marked a sad weekend for fans of the original Batman. The word came down over the weekend that the legendary actor, Adam West had passed away. He was 88 years old and provided us with a career in entertainment that spanned over seven decades. Mr. West got his big break as Batman, bringing Bruce Wayne and his alter-ego to life. He did so on both the big and small screens and was even known for creating the BatDance, The Batusi.

He once turned down the role of James Bond in Diamonds Are Forever stating that the role should always be filled by a British actor. Later on in his career, he played fictionalized versions of himself in both The Simpsons and Family Guy, where he played the Mayor of Quahog. Rest in peace to the original Batman, Adam West.

Photo provided by Mike Coppola / Getty

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