Adam Richman on Best Foods to Serve at Game Parties + a Hip Hop Cooking Show with Sway and Heather B?

The first chef to ever bust a freestyle on our show, Adam Richman, stops by for the 3rd time on Sway in the Morning — Super Bowl edition.

Could this hip hop-head ever create a food show with a hip hop-edge to it? Sway discusses this possibility with Adam and Heather B!

While in Phoenix, Arizona with us, Adam also gives us some great ideas for some Super Bowl snacks.

“Handheld, handheld, handheld,” he urges.

Saying guac is always a great option, along with tying the food into the big game. Heather B then steps in and makes us salivate as she talks about what she’s cooking!

Yum. Watch below and keep an eye out for @AdamRichman’s new book, “Straight Up Tasty: Meals, Memories, and Mouthfuls,” due May 12th.

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