Adam Richman Discusses New Show "Man Finds Food," Shares Simple Recipes, Showcases Hip-Hop Knowledge + Raps "Life's A Bitch"

One of the most entertaining and taste bud inspiring people in the world recently stopped by Sway In The Morning, with his new show “Man Finds Food” hitting the Travel Channel this Wednesday we were blessed to have Adam Richman stop by the studios.

Starting things off with a bang we find out that along with being a food expert, Adam Richman is also a hip-hop head!  Rapping AZ’s verse from “Life’s A Bitch,” Richman shows us his skills on the mic.

Outlining his upcoming book “Straight Up Tasty,” Richman reveals that cooking is really much more simple than people think as he shares some of the recipes in the book as well as reciting his own poem about the origins of chocolate.  Writing the book to show average people that they can cook, Richman reveals that he’s not a chef but rather just a damn good cook.  Discussing different dishes for different occasions we hear Richman’s thoughts on the perfect recipe to emit different emotions in people.

With rappers such as Action Bronson and 2 Chainz showcasing their skills in the kitchen as of late we hear Richman’s thoughts on the merging of food and hip-hop culture as he takes DB’s Rap Food Quiz.  Check out the full interview below and catch up with Adam Richman on Twitter @AdamRichman.

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